1952: Founded IAC
The group established IAC (International Air-Conditioning Company) to introduce air-conditioning to South East Asia as the first distributor of Carrier in the region. The distributorship remained with the group from 1952 - 1988
1990: Founded Trane South East Asia
The group introduced Trane to South East Asia with a joint venture between John Kirkham and Trane USA. The partnership continued for a decade until 2000.
1993: Daikin Distribution in Indonesia
With 50 years of experience, the group was awarded the McQuay distributorship in Indonesia which became part of the Daikin group in 2008. This partnership continued for almost 20 years until the business was bought by Daikin in 2013.
1993: Founded Asia's First ESCO
Kaer was founded in 1993 and was the first company to use realtime data to drive chiller plant and air-side system performance. Since it's establishment Kaer has been designing, building and operating the most reliable and efficient air-conditioning systems in Asia.
2017: Founded brIQs Technologies
In 2017 the group established brIQs Technologies. A software company that developed the world's first autonomous optimisation software for chiller plants using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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