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At Kaer we believe you shouldn't spend time worrying about the performance, reliability or sustainability of your air-conditioning system. That's why with over 70 years of experience we offer our clients the ability to buy air-conditioning as a Service. You tell us the exact conditions you want in your building and we will take care of the rest.

In the past building owners had to engage various consultants, contractors and operators to provide air-conditioning for their tenants. The installation of the equipment required significant capital investment and building owners had to manage highly unpredictable operating costs due to untimely repairs and deteriorating system efficiency. Due to the fact that so many different parties were involved in delivering the system, individuals would often be accountable for specific equipment, but no one was responsible for the performance of the system as a whole. No one was responsible for comfort.


Due to the problems with this model, many building owners now choose not to invest in owning and operating an air-conditioning system and instead simply purchase air-conditioning at a fixed $/RTH fee. This is called "air-conditioning as a service" and we call this Kaer Air. 

We manage the most reliable & efficient air-conditioning systems in Asia so you don't have to

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