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Better Air For Better Spaces

What experience do you want to create today?

We believe in Better Air For Better Spaces.

Kaer has provided air-conditioning to commercial and industrial real estate for over 70 years and our in-house team offers the full suite of services to deliver the exact conditions and experiences you need.

Due to the significant capital investment and challenges associated with owning and operating an air-conditioning system, many businesses choose to simply buy air. This is "air-conditioning as a service" and we call it Kaer Air

What you want, when you want it and pay-as-you-use.

See how air-conditioning as a Service can create organic  asset value and drive customer experience


ACaaS - Air-Conditioning as a Service

Increase the value of your real estate asset

Pay-as-you-use to reduce operational and financial risk

Kaer Pay as you use.PNG

Tap into Asia's largest AI network  to deliver better air for your space


Kaer Air allows you to simply dictate the conditions you want to achieve in your space and buy it in the same way that you buy electricity and water.

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Want to know more?

Watch a 2 minute summary of Kaer's Air-conditioning as a Service Offering

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