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Parliament House
Kaer was awarded the GESP contract to conduct an energy audit at Parliament House Singapore and use the findings to design, build and operate a new high efficiency chiller plant.
After the construction phase of the project, Kaer was awarded the maintenance contract to operate the chiller plant and maintain the system efficiency. To do this we utilise the K-RealTime M&V system with in built Optimisation Inteligence. The plant is monitored in realtime at our Regional K-RealTime Broadcast Centre and SMS alerts are used to keep our engineering and optimisation teams aware of key metrics used to operate this mission critical facility.
Singapore Aviation Academy
In addition to Parliament House, Kaer also won the GESP contract for the Singapore Aviation Academy.
This was a pilot project carried out by the Singapore Government and was overseen by the National Environment Agency. In addition to the chiller plant efficiency guarantees, this was was the first project to include an efficiency guarantee on the air-side equipment. Kaer installed numerous meters and sensors throughout the building to monitor and optimise the chiller plant and AHU's. Comfort conditions are monitored on the K-RealTime Broadcast Centre and the system is controlled remotely to maintain the comfort of the occupants without jeopardising the platinum level efficiencies of the system.
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Sembcorp, 30 Hill Street
Sembcorp awarded Kaer the contract to improve the performance and efficiency of the chiller plant serving the office tower at 30 Hill Street. In order to achieve this, Kaer replaced the existing air-cooled chiller plant with a high performance water-cooled system.
This required complexed scheduling and project management to ensure zero disruption to the live building as well as the use of a "chiller box-up" allowing Kaer to install water cooled chillers in an outdoor environment. To meet the efficiency targets for this iconic landmark, Kaer installed state-of-the-art chiller plant controls with optimisation intelligence.
UOB Plaza One
The high rise office block, UOB Plaza One, in the heart of the central business district is served by two chiller plants. During the upgrading program Kaer was commissioned to deliver the chiller plant controls platform required to run the plants efficiently. 
K-Real-Time was used on both chiller plants due to the ability to run the systems securely on-site without the need for of-site remote monitoring and controls for optimisation.
ITE College
Kaer was awarded the K-RealTime chiller plant controls contract to support ITE College West in their BCA Green Mark Platinum certification process. This was accompanied by an optimisation package where Kaer took over the operations of the chiller plant to achieve the Platinum level efficiency targets. Upon completion of the optimisation, Kaer trained the site team to use the K-RealTime platform to maintain the efficiency levels. 
Due to the success of the optimisation project, Kaer was subsequently awarded an air-side upgrading project to manage the temperature and humidity issues being experienced in some areas of the campus.
Metropolitan YMCA
Kaer conducted an energy audit at the M-YMCA hotel and conference centre on Stevens Road. The findings highlighted a significant opportunity to reduce the facilities operating costs by upgrading the chiller plants serving both the hotel as well as the conference space.
Kaer was commissioned to common the existing chiller plants and replace them with a single, highly efficient chiller plant capable of serving the entire facility. This option was chosen as it significantly reduced electrical costs to run the building's ACMV system and was accompanied by reduced operating costs as plant commoning significantly reduced the amount of equipment on-site requiring maintenance.
Kaer pioneered the "shared savings model" with Lendlease after identifying 313@somerset as a pilot project. Kaer took over the operations of the already Green Mark Platinum-rated chiller plant and improved the system efficiency by a further 20% by implementing Kaer's optimisation program.
  • K-RealTime was placed on top of the base BMS to deliver optimisation strategies developed by Kaer
  • Kaer monitors the plant in realtime with daily energy dashboards circulated to the engineering department to constantly evaluate operations protocols to deliver better efficiencies.
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Becton Dickinson
Kaer has worked with BD for a number of years and has provided energy audit, chiller plant replacement, M&V and optimisation services.
Our latest project was the upgrading of the Tuas facility's chiller plant with financial support from the GREET grant from the National Environment Agency (NEA). This project required zero disruption to the manufacturing facility that produces medical syringes and had strict energy efficiency targets to support BD's ongoing mission to run globally recognised sustainable facilities.
Bugis Junction
Kaer partnered with Keppel Land to upgrade their aging chiller plant at Bugis Junction with a new system capable of providing chilled water to the mall and office tower at 0.63kW/RT.
A subsequent project was also awarded to Kaer to further optimise the chiller plant to beat the design criteria and achieve 0.60kW/RT. To do this Kaer focused on reducing pumping energy through better water conditions, removal of air/dirt from the system and innovative pumping strategies all controlled by the centralised K-RealTime system.
Marina Properties 
Kaer was awarded the project to achieve the highest Green Mark certifications for four properties within the Marina Properties portfolio.
  • Centennial Tower
  • Millenia Tower
  • Millenia Walk
  • Ritz Carlton
All properties received GoldPlus or Platinum ratings.
Setia City Mall 
Due to Kaer's strong technical capabilities and optimisation experience in Malaysia, Lendlease awarded Kaer the Setia City Mall project to replicate the model developed at 313@somerset.
After completing an extensive energy audit of the building and getting a firm understanding of the operations protocols, Kaer targeted chiller and pumping optimisation to maximise the energy savings.
The project resulted in a 20% improvement in system efficiency and delivered double the cost savings that were guaranteed by Kaer.
Alexandra Point
Kaer works with Frasers Centrepoint Limited (FCL) across many of their buildings (Centrepoint, Bedok Point, North Point, Causeway Point, Alexandra Technopark and Robertson Walk).
With a strong track record in building diagnostics and optimisation throughout FCL's portfolio, Kaer was awarded the chiller plant retrofit project at Alexandra Point. Due to the unique load profile of the building, Kaer opted for multi-compressor chillers that allowed for greater flexibility during operations.
The K-RealTime system controls the plant and utilises an "active redundancy" strategy to maintain high efficiency standards at high, medium and low load conditions.
NK Ingredients
Kaer partnered with SCDL to finance and build a new highly efficient chiller plant serving the NK Ingredients manufacturing facility in Tuas. This installation required a unique cooling tower change-over plan due to the use of a single basin for all cooling towers and the requirement to have uninterrupted operations during the upgrading.
The site uses a combination of brand new water-cooled chillers that work alongside a new low temperature brine chiller to serve the process cooling requirements.
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