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K-RealTime is Kaer's ACMV controls and optimisation platform that empowers engineers to make informed decisions to run their chiller plants and air-side systems more reliably and efficiently.
K-RealTime Broadcast Centre
As a pioneer in the field of air-conditioning and sustainability, Kaer identified "realtime information to drive realtime actions" as the greatest barrier to achieving energy efficiency in the industry.
To address this challenge Kaer partnered with Spring Singapore to design and build the first regional broadcast centre to monitor air-conditioning systems in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar. Housed at Kaer's regional headquarters, the K-RealTime Broadcast centre monitors and controls ACMV systems remotely, and collects vast quantities of data. The data is stored on cloud servers and is analysed by Kaer's Council of Engineers to identify system trends and relationships that can be used to make better decisions in the future.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Software
Kaer collaborated with research institutions from the US to incorporate big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence into the system to develop the first software capable of autonomous optimisation. It is also capable of anomaly detection and produces diagnostic reports to vastly reduce the reliance on manpower to analyse chiller plant data.
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