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Accelerating the transition to a low carbon & climate resilient future

Creating a competitive advantage
for your business

Kaer specialises in providing cooling to commercial and industrial buildings throughout Asia.

We pioneered the Cooling as a Service (CaaS) business model and continue to bring innovation and expertise to our customers to help you transition confidently to a more reliable and sustainable future.

Following a servitisation approach, CaaS delivers a competitive advantage for your business by giving you the option to purchase cooling in much the same way that you purchase electricity and water today.

Instead of investing in and operating cooling equipment, you simply dictate the conditions you want to achieve. Kaer assumes all financial and operational responsibility to deliver the conditions and you simply buy cooling at a fixed $/RTH rate on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Transitioning to CaaS allows you to outsource a non-core yet mission-critical activity to experts, giving you peace of mind to focus on your business as well as all the financial incentives that come with moving to the “as a service” economy.

operational resilience.png

Operational resilience

Minimise operational risk and staff management



Outsource a non-core yet mission-critical activity to experts so you can focus on growing your business



Zero capex and simply pay-as-you-use



Our CaaS business model has been recognised as the most sustainable way to cool buildings

See how CaaS can create value and enhance customer experience

Our experience

Kaer is the fastest-growing CaaS provider in Asia and our portfolio, which serves commercial buildings, offices, shopping malls, data centres, pharmaceutical production plants, education campuses, and manufacturing facilities, offers an alternative to district cooling in Asia.


Data centre

When evaluating the options available for retrofitting 7000 AMK’s aging cooling system, the owners turned to Kaer to engage in a Cooling as a Service contract to benefit from the most reliable and sustainable solution.

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