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We are the CaaS people

We celebrate the positive impact cooling has on people’s lives and our mission is to make CaaS (Cooling as a Service) the model of choice for cooling in Asia.

Cooling plays a vital role in everything we do. It provides comfort to people all over the world and enables businesses to create the products and services that we all use and love.

Today cooling accounts for 10% of the global electricity consumption and as we build and do more, this is forecast to triple by 2050.

Through CaaS, we offer a sustainable building cooling system using clean and renewable energy, accelerating the transition to a low carbon and climate-resilient future

We help businesses transition to the CaaS model

With offices in Singapore, Malaysia and India, we provide a guiding voice for the industry with our innovation, technology and experience, helping businesses transition confidently to the CaaS model for their exact indoor requirements.

Kaer’s CaaS offering serves shopping centres, data centres, pharmaceutical production facilities, education campuses and manufacturing facilities, covering over 10 million square feet of space throughout Asia to deliver meaningful benefits to customers and a positive impact on the world.

To make CaaS

the model of choice

for cooling in Asia

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Our mission

We are guided by our 5 core values






Our employees are at the
heart of everything we do

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, and delight our customers and colleagues with our passion and performance. If you feel the same way, please visit our talent portal to see our available positions.

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